2017 – My Year To Avoid Mediocracy

2017 – My Year To Avoid Mediocracy

As I celebrated the end of 2016 with a game of poker and then promptly begin 2017 with my period, I realised how bumpy the year was before. The whole job fiasco, my grandfather passing away, moving to my in-laws then moving to my grandmother’s place, working as a freelancer, chasing for money as a freelancer, putting on a massive amount of weight, our honeymoon to Iceland, I published a book, watched my plays come to life on stage and so so much more.

There were wonderful ups and horrible downs – but all memorable in their own right. I’m still thankful for them. What are shitty situations if not talking points at a party right? But I look at myself, and think about what I’ve accomplished as a person and I think… not much! I struggled so much this year that I forgot to give back, and I forgot to accomplish things.

So while I struggled, and eventually found my footing in 2016, I’m taking 2017 to avoid mediocracy.

Taking cue from one of the best books in the universe – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, I shall believe in 6 impossible things a day and try to accomplish as many. Who am I kidding, I don’t even have time to go buy contact lenses. hahahah
I’ll try.
Okay that’s it. I’ve nothing important to say today. Love to everyone.

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