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Review: A Better Florist

Review: A Better Florist

They might call themselves A Better Florist, but are they? Better florists I mean. This flower company reached out to me late November 2017 asking me to write a review (I’m touched, but still unsure why) in exchange for a bouquet. Before I made a […]

Hotel Review: The Sakala Resort Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

Hotel Review: The Sakala Resort Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

The postcard-worthy facade of The Sakala Resort sits on the front of The Bali Bible’s Nusa Dua guide. It’s gorgeous! But after two nights there… I find the resort to be a tad misleading: Beautiful right? Here’s the catch though, the resort is actually made […]

Instead of queuing up for Japan’s Bake cheese tarts, I’m gonna go for these alternatives

Wah lao, another trend? And it’s even more fattening than salted egg yolk!? My heart almost voluntarily stopped in the wake of what was to come. Cheese tarts. Palm-sized pastries filled to the bring with gooey cheese, a heady mixture of sweet and savoury and […]

Doctor’s orders: Weight loss through an appetite suppressant

Yesterday I casually mentioned to my doctor that I wanted to lose weight for the wedding in December and asked about the weight-loss clinics in hospitals. He offered, instead, Duromine. I see no reason not to mention the name of the drug, cause it’s a […]

Paint By Numbers kit! I’m now a true artist.

Most days I spend on the computer. Either watching videos or reading inane news on Facebook. It’s kind of sad don’t you think? Don’t pretend, you can’t live without the internet either. What do you think we would be doing if the internet didn’t exist? […]

Review: Tajimaya Japanese Charcoal BBQ Restaurant

You know what’s delicious? Pork fat. I know, I know, I tell the world I don’t eat pork and here I am raving about pork fat. But,when you’re confronted by melting fat on a charcoal fire like this: How can you resist?!?! This magical melting […]

The most kick-ass gel eyeliner you can find

If you have oily lids like mine, you’re in for a treat. I’ve found the ultimate gel eyeliner. They’re Real! Benefit Push-up Liner You know how gel eyeliner typically looks like this: I always end up losing the brush. I’m not very responsible. Well mine […]

Posing like a blogger and a quick follow up on my “fat” post

Hi Yung Shin, this picture is for you: Hahaa no lah. Just kidding.  Yung Shin asked me to post a second picture of the Tom Ford lipstick I posted on Instagram. But this time she wanted to actually see what the lipstick looked like on […]

Frivolity: Chanel makeover

Here’s something new about me, I’ve never purchased a single branded item for myself in all my twenty-something years. Something which I (sort of) rectified on Friday. I wanted to treat myself to something pretty and I popped by the Chanel makeup station at Takashimaya […]

Dinner at Museo

In the far reaches of Singapore, far from the prying and kaypo eyes of the average Singaporean lies Quayside Isle. The Darling Harbour wannabe row of shops mostly suited for ang mors and ang mor wannabes is chock-full of fusion Chinese, French and kid-friendly oyster […]