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Recipe: Foolproof Sugar Cookies (unicorn-shaped!)

Recipe: Foolproof Sugar Cookies (unicorn-shaped!)

Vanessa gave me a unicorn cookie cutter. With the husband away and a bit of procrastination, I found myself having plenty of time to whip up a quick batch of cookies. Please follow and like us:

Recipe: Apple Crumble – lazy girl style

I love apple crumble. It’s comforting, it’s warm, and just the right amount of sticky for Singapore. I especially like my crumble to be a little more doughy and cookie-like rather than crunchy like granola. If you’re looking for that kinda crumble, you’re in the […]

Let’s make: Black magic cake

If you like mild flavours, you’re on the wrong page. This cake is a magical concoction sent to help you gain tons of weight. Its chocolate-y goodness is enhanced by the almost invisible taste of coffee and is equally as addictive as the slow poison. […]