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Married and homeless in Singapore

Married and homeless in Singapore

As someone who’s waiting for her HDB BTO flat to be built, I can honestly tell you, the most frustrating question that I’ve gotten is this: “So… When will your house be ready?” Never. Never is my answer. Abel and I have played the waiting game […]

2017 – My Year To Avoid Mediocracy

2017 – My Year To Avoid Mediocracy

As I celebrated the end of 2016 with a game of poker and then promptly begin 2017 with my period, I realised how bumpy the year was before. The whole job fiasco, my grandfather passing away, moving to my in-laws then moving to my grandmother’s […]

PSA: All you need to know about Duromine

Hi everyone. I know I haven’t written anything in a long time. Well, that’s cause I’m kinda busy here: @ladynomnom but after 41 emails, I decided that it’s time to have a little FAQ about this little pill: Duromine Not even gonna give you a real image […]

The art of being jobless in Singapore

Image Source: Medium Hey everyone. Just wanted to share something. It’s about what I’m doing now. See, I quit my comfortable, stable job at SPH 23 March 2016. I thought I was going to go on to a new job that would bring me into […]


#LEOISTHEBEST#LEOWINSTHEOSCAR#LEOFOREVER It’s been a looong time coming. But this year is the year Leonardo DiCaprio WON AN OSCAR He walked away with the golden statue and the glory he deserves. It was finally his time! I don’t know how this baby-faced, super talented actor never […]

24! The end of year edition

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s been a crazy year of ups and downs: I got engaged, I had some trouble with a lawsuit, finally found my footing in a job I love, wrote a script for church and had it performed in front of thousands, lost […]

My struggle with Chinese and the difficulties of shopping on Taobao

I think it’s safe to say anyone who knows me knows I can barely speak or write Mandarin to save my life. Yes, I’m Chinese, yes yes, I’ve been blessed with HOURS of tuition, courtesy of my long-suffering parents, But honestly, Chinese just won’t stick! […]

Mrs Yap

Well, today is special! Abel and I did something that I never thought I’d do so early in life.. We registered! Tomorrow, 14 Feb 2015, Pastor Aries will be marrying Abel and I under the eyes of God. But today, we got married under the […]

Doctor’s orders: Weight loss through an appetite suppressant

Yesterday I casually mentioned to my doctor that I wanted to lose weight for the wedding in December and asked about the weight-loss clinics in hospitals. He offered, instead, Duromine. I see no reason not to mention the name of the drug, cause it’s a […]

Why shopping at TEMT is impossible in Singapore

Is she ugly? No right? She’s pretty AND she has nice clothes (a bikini and tankini counts as clothes!) Which leads me to my rant: I have a bone to pick. It’s with Aussie brand TEMT. I used to shop there all the time back […]