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Budgeting for Krabi 101

Hello. When it comes to holidays I’m a very simple person. 1) I like a comfortable bed to sleep in.2) I like friendly locals who are willing to help me and not steal my money.3) I like the beach. I’ve just about narrowed down several […]

Singaporean Identity

While driving my mom home, she turned to me and asked, “is there a Singaporean Identity?” I looked at her blankly. “Of course there is mum. Only in this country would you find people as kaypo, kiasu and kan-chiong as Singaporeans.” I answered dryly after […]

5 things women look for in a man

I had a conversation with two lovely girls the other day. One attached, one not. And it turns out, all three of us had the same ideas on what we look for in a guy. And the best part of it was, everything we wanted […]