Making A Weekly Meal Plan Fun

Making A Weekly Meal Plan Fun

On the menu: It’s a ton of fun to start a weekly meal plan. You get to plan a menu, cook and hopefully save some money and lose some weight! I’ve been on it for a while: So I thought it’d be interesting to give […]

[RECIPE]: Ayam Buah Keluak

[RECIPE]: Ayam Buah Keluak

It’s that time of the year again! I whip out all the ingredients for one of the best dishes in the world: Ayam Buah Keluak.  You’ll find plenty of recipes floating about the great interwebs, but they’re not wrong. See, every Peranakan family adds its […]

Instead of queuing up for Japan’s Bake cheese tarts, I’m gonna go for these alternatives

Wah lao, another trend? And it’s even more fattening than salted egg yolk!? My heart almost voluntarily stopped in the wake of what was to come. Cheese tarts. Palm-sized pastries filled to the bring with gooey cheese, a heady mixture of sweet and savoury and […]

Recipe: The easiest, tastiest eggslut ever

I never heard of an eggslut till I went to Coffee Valley in JB. They served it in a breakfast platter, in a salad and eggslut set and on its own too. I had no idea what it was till Hannah explained, “Oh Nigella Lawson […]

Recipe: Apple Crumble – lazy girl style

I love apple crumble. It’s comforting, it’s warm, and just the right amount of sticky for Singapore. I especially like my crumble to be a little more doughy and cookie-like rather than crunchy like granola. If you’re looking for that kinda crumble, you’re in the […]

Let’s make: Black magic cake

If you like mild flavours, you’re on the wrong page. This cake is a magical concoction sent to help you gain tons of weight. Its chocolate-y goodness is enhanced by the almost invisible taste of coffee and is equally as addictive as the slow poison. […]