Fearless Finds

My struggle with Chinese and the difficulties of shopping on Taobao

I think it’s safe to say anyone who knows me knows I can barely speak or write Mandarin to save my life. Yes, I’m Chinese, yes yes, I’ve been blessed with HOURS of tuition, courtesy of my long-suffering parents, But honestly, Chinese just won’t stick! […]

12 Christmas gifts from local online stores that won’t make you look like a douche during gift exchange

You know what’s shitty? Giving someone Body Shop pre-wrapped gifts or a $2 mug from Daiso. I am loathe to say that I am guilty of giving Body Shop and mugs (more expensive mugs lah!). But that’s super boring right. I mean, who the hell […]

Paint By Numbers kit! I’m now a true artist.

Most days I spend on the computer. Either watching videos or reading inane news on Facebook. It’s kind of sad don’t you think? Don’t pretend, you can’t live without the internet either. What do you think we would be doing if the internet didn’t exist? […]

iPhone 6 truths and thoughts

Man. I’m so sick of all the comments about the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. “You know it costs $988 right?” “Please lah, Android phones had all this specs generations ago.” “Samsung is way better!” First of all, your Samsung is the size of a […]

The most kick-ass gel eyeliner you can find

If you have oily lids like mine, you’re in for a treat. I’ve found the ultimate gel eyeliner. They’re Real! Benefit Push-up Liner You know how gel eyeliner typically looks like this: I always end up losing the brush. I’m not very responsible. Well mine […]