Fearless In Singapore

The truth about working in a brothel

In my second year of Uni I was feeling adventurous, and also slightly desperate because there simply were no jobs for me. So I decided to try the one industry that ALWAYS had work available. Everything in this story is true. Yes, I really did […]

Here’s the truth about being fat in Singapore

I’m DONE being not okay with being chubby. Or okay, let’s call it like it is. Fat. I’m done being upset about being a fat Asian girl. It took me a while, plenty of emotional bashings, tears on my pillow and  plenty of insecure moments […]

Frivolity: Chanel makeover

Here’s something new about me, I’ve never purchased a single branded item for myself in all my twenty-something years. Something which I (sort of) rectified on Friday. I wanted to treat myself to something pretty and I popped by the Chanel makeup station at Takashimaya […]

Singaporean Identity

While driving my mom home, she turned to me and asked, “is there a Singaporean Identity?” I looked at her blankly. “Of course there is mum. Only in this country would you find people as kaypo, kiasu and kan-chiong as Singaporeans.” I answered dryly after […]