Fearless In Singapore

Getting Glorious Unicorn Hair in Singapore

Getting Glorious Unicorn Hair in Singapore

The reign of my kaleidoscopic mane is coming to an end. It’s about time I switched back to bland brown again. What an end of an era. No more rainbow, unicorn, mermaid type hair. I’ve done it all and I’m done damaging my hair. Tis bittersweet. […]

Married and homeless in Singapore

Married and homeless in Singapore

As someone who’s waiting for her HDB BTO flat to be built, I can honestly tell you, the most frustrating question that I’ve gotten is this: “So… When will your house be ready?” Never. Never is my answer. Abel and I have played the waiting game […]

PSA: All you need to know about Duromine

Hi everyone. I know I haven’t written anything in a long time. Well, that’s cause I’m kinda busy here: @ladynomnom but after 41 emails, I decided that it’s time to have a little FAQ about this little pill: Duromine Not even gonna give you a real image […]

The art of being jobless in Singapore

Image Source: Medium Hey everyone. Just wanted to share something. It’s about what I’m doing now. See, I quit my comfortable, stable job at SPH 23 March 2016. I thought I was going to go on to a new job that would bring me into […]

Why shopping at TEMT is impossible in Singapore

Is she ugly? No right? She’s pretty AND she has nice clothes (a bikini and tankini counts as clothes!) Which leads me to my rant: I have a bone to pick. It’s with Aussie brand TEMT. I used to shop there all the time back […]

Hair Experiments

You may now call me Princess Unicorn Cotton Candy Rainbow Dragon. (Official hashtag: #princessunicorncottoncandyrainbowdragon) I finally dyed my hair a few colours of the rainbow. It was after a few botched attempts throughout the years: That was back in 2012 where Stacy and I  camped […]

Posing like a blogger and a quick follow up on my “fat” post

Hi Yung Shin, this picture is for you: Hahaa no lah. Just kidding.  Yung Shin asked me to post a second picture of the Tom Ford lipstick I posted on Instagram. But this time she wanted to actually see what the lipstick looked like on […]

The truth about working in a brothel

In my second year of Uni I was feeling adventurous, and also slightly desperate because there simply were no jobs for me. So I decided to try the one industry that ALWAYS had work available. Everything in this story is true. Yes, I really did […]

Here’s the truth about being fat in Singapore

I’m DONE being not okay with being chubby. Or okay, let’s call it like it is. Fat. I’m done being upset about being a fat Asian girl. It took me a while, plenty of emotional bashings, tears on my pillow and  plenty of insecure moments […]

Frivolity: Chanel makeover

Here’s something new about me, I’ve never purchased a single branded item for myself in all my twenty-something years. Something which I (sort of) rectified on Friday. I wanted to treat myself to something pretty and I popped by the Chanel makeup station at Takashimaya […]