The Coldest Week In Singapore

The Coldest Week In Singapore

It is chill af in Singapore this week. I’m also proud to report that it is my first new week at my new job. I thought I should celebrate with a post. It is what I’ve been craving to do – project management-oriented work with plenty of organisation and administration needed, with a dash of events planning.

But back to the weather. God has blessed us with mighty gusts of wind, and it looks like it’s only going to go windier for the next week. I hope 2018 cracks the current record: 1989’s excellent brisk 19 deg C day. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Singapore. I declared it to be “freezing” at least 10 times today. I also huddled in my denim jacket.

I’d be the laughing stock of my old colleagues at Secret Escapes hahahaha

My British and Aussie colleagues thought it was hilarious when I said the weather was lovely and cold on a 23 deg C day back in December. Ahh fond memories.

Amongst my fellow Southeast Asian compatriates, I can now unabashedly declare the frigidity of the day without fear of having my bubble busted. But now I am also very much aware of how stupid we sound when we say shit like, “oh my gawd, it feels just like Australia!” or “wah, freezing ah.”

No bro. 2 deg C on a wet and cold (and foggy af!) mountain “road” in Iceland is cold!

But us Singaporeans, doomed with heat and humidity, we are a funny bunch when it comes to weather under 25 deg C.

  1. We use the opportunity to compare the current climate to one of a foreign country we’ve visited. Common places include Australia, Japan and Hong Kong. Suddenly we are all very well-travelled.
  2. We whip out our favourite jackets and long sleeve shirts (no pit stains!) from storage.
  3. Steamboat anyone?
  4. Ice cream anyone? (As all those well-travelled Singaporeans would say: ice cream on a cold day is best.)
  5. 90% of office conversations become about the weather and the wind.
  6. Air-conditioning usage drops to a save-the-earth level. Very good!
  7. We gleefully turn a blind eye to expats chuckling over our childlike wonderment over the “chill”.

Well guys, no matter how suaku (dumb) I might sound, I’m SUPERBLY happy that it’s so damn cold! Cuddles with the dog, snuggles with the husband and finally I can LAYER and drive up my style!

In the meantime, fair warning everyone, April’s coming, and the highest temperature of 2016 was 36.4 deg C then. Remember April’s the warmest month, so after Chinese New Year, pack away your jackets and pull out those slippers!

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