Romance is

Romance is

Romance is

kisses on the forehead,

kisses in the rain,

surprise kisses at any time of the day.

Cooking for your spouse when he/she is feeling blue

making their favourite dishes just because you can do.

Handwritten letters,

foot massages,

hugs mid-flight,

and impromptu dancing at midnight.

Gifts are never easy

to find your smile is hard.

But it is all worthwhile

when you hit that sweet spot

between need and want.

Spontaneity at all times,

secret smiles and shared laughter.

That is romance.

But to the practical, romance is fancy.


A non-necessity.

If you need it, you shall have it.

If you want it, can you afford it?

Value lies in usefulness

Sentimentality shelved and forgotten.

The love is there,

but the joy is contained,

do they see the pain?

Do they understand?

It can’t be explained!

The practical see things in a different way!

In the end,

what is romance?

A point of contention.

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