My Easy 9-Course Christmas Dinner of 2017

My Easy 9-Course Christmas Dinner of 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I hope, like me, you’re sitting dumpy in your chair satisfied but with a tinge of regret with all your overeating during the festive season. We still have New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year in February. Be still my heart.

I need to come up with an exercise plan soon. haha.

But that’s not why we’re here! This is what my family and I dined on at Christmas this year:

Nothing too fancy, just warm, tasty comforting Christmas fare in the spirit of the holiday. There were 11 of us at the table and still we couldn’t finish all the food! I aimed to whip up something doable, one that would more or less meet everyone’s cravings (cause it’s all about treating your friends and family at Christmas!) and something that was hearty. 

Also, the menu is good for those who are beginners and a little short on time. Some can be roasted in the oven at the same time, some, like the gravy, were premade with some tasty additions. The turkey was also basically precooked and purchased from Cold Storage (I’ll teach you how best to get the skin crispy). The rest, cooked from scratch and still took up a ton of time.

Here’s the menu:

9-Course Christmas Dinner at the Lee’s

Cheese, Crackers and Cold Cuts Platter
Meditteranean Salad With Zesty Dressing
Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms with Brie, Walnuts and Cranberries
Smoked Turkey with Gravy
Corned Beef Tomato Rotini Pasta
Lemon Honey Butter Baked Salmon with Garlic
Shepherd’s Pie With Beef
Brown Sugar Roasted Carrots
Curried Cauliflower with Grapes

Cooking the entire meal was a ton of fun! I find that I best express my love for my fellow men through cooking lol, cause I really enjoy watching the simple ingredients turn into beautiful dishes. It is, however, lots of hard work. I have a tiny tiny kitchen, so I really have to prioritise what gets cooked first.

It could be that I’m pretty shitty at cooking fast. But hey, I’m still learning. (I have zero knife skills.) 

I hope my menu helps you make a big dinner for you and yours in the future!

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