Inhumans vs The Gifted – Which New Marvel Show Is Actually Worth Your Time

Inhumans vs The Gifted – Which New Marvel Show Is Actually Worth Your Time

Wait what? There are new Marvel shows out? After the failed The Defenders, I understand how you feel. Inhumans and The Gifted, both shows about superpowered beings? That’s too much to take in!

I’m just going to put it out there. I’ve watched both first episodes and the winner is clear. The Gifted is the way to go.

Or so it seems to start out that way.

The Gifted

Much like Legion, Fox’s new series, (also, it is directed by Bryan Singer) takes a darker turn. It doesn’t follow the tune of the Marvel movies and seems to delve into societal issues. For Legion, it tackled mental illness, for The Gifted, it reflects the comics and tackles racism, bigotry and all the other issues that make X-Men (the comics) great.

X-Men is actually my favourite comic book series (I’m not a super-fan but I’ve read enough to know that it’s AMAZING). Yes the powers are seriously out of hand, the relationships totally mental, but behind its gaudy facade of spandex and disproportionately sexy women are real issues faced by everyone.

Also on my list of amazing comics: Deadpool, The Runaways, Captain Marvel and the current Ms Marvel (hello Kamala Khan!!) – but that’s another story for another day.

The Gifted falls back onto the heart of the X-Men, a group of people faced with a horrifying reality of persecution simply for being who they are.

If you’ve seen the trailers, the premise is simple: After an unfortunate incident at a school gym, a family of four is on the run from the government because two of them, the son and the daughter, are discovered to be mutants. They join a band of reject X-Men runaways, to escape.

Anyway, here’s a list of reasons the premiere blew me away:

  • Blink is played by Jamie Chung
  • The powers aren’t OTT, that you can almost believe that they exist
  • One of the character’s ringtone is the old-school X-Men cartoon theme song. (nenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenenuh-nuh) – I swear that’s the theme song
  • Stan Lee STILL has a cameo in it. Omg eternal.
  • You’re looking at a band of lesser-known X-Men which I greatly appreciate. Polaris, Sunspot (I think that’s the dude. Okay no, I checked, he’s Eclipse), Blink… and we’re yet to see who else. The newbie Struckers aren’t evil… I think… Also, it ensures we come in with zero expectations because if it were a young Jean Grey or Storm or something I’d have A LOT of words.
  • How real everything feels. They’re not heroes in spandex, they’re just regular people thrust into incomprehensible situations. You learn to feel for these characters in a way you’ll never be able to feel for masked heroes.
  • Sentinal Services. I’ve always hated classic Sentinals. Bulky bastards that seem IMPOSSIBLE to be intimidating. I mean, damn it, just slice and dice them. They’re so slow anyway. But these spider-like drones that never seem to die. Now these I can believe will cause problems. They skitter about locking in on mutants, when you blow off one arm, another takes its place, it can hardly be killed unless torn to shreds, but because they’re so small and durable, it’s kinda hard to destroy them. They’re honestly really creepy buggers.
  • The endearing relationship between brother and sister Struckers. It’s not your shitty sibling rivalry trope.
  • Stephen Moyer. I loved him in True Blood (say it with me, “Suh-key.” *glower* AHHH!! SO CHARMING!!) and I’m sure I’ll love him here. SPOILER: Erm, if he survives.


My my… What is there to say except, EXPECTED DISAPPOINTMENT.

God the campy acting. God the terrible CGI. Urgh the even more cringe-worthy storyline. ANOTHER uprising?! PLEASE.

You know a lot was riding on this show’s success. They even had an IMAX cinema booked out for its release. THE SHAME. And I’m just saying, this is what happens when you put all your eggs into one basket. Now that it’s fallen flat what are you left with but Medusa’s awful wig and top 10 ugliest bridesmaid’s dress outfit? I mean come on, what did they use to make her puffy-looking shoulder pads? Revolting.

So just to ensure we’re all on the same track, the show follows the royal family of Attilan, home of the Inhumans banished from Earth and who now live on the moon. Yes. It is ridiculous. Yes. I never liked the comics, and even their cameos (like the one in Ms Marvel) set me on edge. Except for Lockjaw (that’s the giant teleporting dog). He’s a sweetie.

I’m not even going to bother with a list because I feel even the image above speaks for the inadequacy of the show. Utter trash.

I’m just going to highlight the biggest problem: relatability.

People (well, me) watch television shows people it communicates with them on an emotional level. The easiest way of doing this is by ensuring the characters are relatable, hence, making them watchable. With The Gifted, you’re given the dynamics of a typical family, one torn apart by excruciating circumstances. In the Inhumans, you’re given the dynamics of a tyrannical family that lords over an archaic CASTE SYSTEM, looks down upon those without powers and makes them dig in the mines, and wears spandex. Come on! And you know it’s a problem when you begin to sympathise with the antagonist of the show right off the bat.

I’m still going to push through, but I have a feeling by episode 5 I’ll get sick and tired of this disaster waiting to happen. If I see another one of Black Bolt’s “thinking” faces I might shot someone.

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