Hotel Review: The Sakala Resort Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

Hotel Review: The Sakala Resort Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

The postcard-worthy facade of The Sakala Resort sits on the front of The Bali Bible’s Nusa Dua guide. It’s gorgeous! But after two nights there… I find the resort to be a tad misleading:

Beautiful right? Here’s the catch though, the resort is actually made up of a few very very different sections. The one you see above is the face the resort, the sexy beachfront side that holds a swimming pool, the hotel’s ballroom and its fancy beachfront restaurant. To get to the actual resort, you’ll have to cross the road.

That’s where taxis will drop you off and where reception is. To its left are the villas (secluded spaces that I’ll never see) and behind it all, the actual hotel. The hotel is a virtual maze, the passageways silents and echoing. Behind each door sits the Deluxe suites, huge spaces complete with induction cookers, wine coolers, a sitting area and two televisions and more. While lovely, the location leaves little to be desired. Should there be an earthquake, I’d have to jump out the window simply because I would not know how to find my way out of the hotel.

It takes a map and a compass to get to the pool, but we figured it out. At the centre of this labyrinth, we had to take the lift down to the third floor, find the restaurant, cross the bridge to the restaurant and then take another flight of stairs down to the pool. FRUSTRATION!

We eventually decided to upgrade to a Pool View Deluxe suite for an additional USD30. It was worth it. A much cheerier view and easier access in and out of the hotel.

Before I drag on. Here are my hotel ratings:


(4 / 5)

The images are perfect. The only thing it hides is the location of these places. They’re joined by really dark, echoey corridors so the vibe really differs throughout different parts of the hotel.


I was a little disappointed with the cleanliness of the hotel. The hinges of the bathroom’s divider was rusty and there were water spots on the bathroom floor. There was also an odd stain at the top corner of the bedsheets.
(3.5 / 5)


The spread at breakfast was decent with a mix of local and international dishes, but the food itself wasn’t the tastiest. You’ve got some porridge and ayam soto that was rather bland, other mediocre curries and pancakes and other, but the bacon and pastries were excellent. (You’d think an Indonesian hotel would do local dishes better).
(2.5 / 5)


Ungodly levels of comfort here. Husband even lifted the sheets to find out the brand of mattress. King Koil if you’re interested. It’s one of those firm (with a slight spring) mattresses with a soft, feathery mattress pad.
(5 / 5)

Guest Service

For the distance the room is away from the lobby, the guest service is really quick! We requested toothbrushes and within five minutes there arrived. Did they run? Or do they pace the hallways anticipating our needs? hmm…
(5 / 5)


It sits along Tanjung Benoa, the stretch known for its watersports activities. You’ll find other mid-range resorts around the area. In the day, the skyline is peppered with people parasailing, and the streets turn pitch black. You’ll either have to eat in the resort, order through Go-Jek (food delivery service app) or go to the one and only restaurant and bar in the area, Meads.
(3 / 5)

Amenities and Facilities
– Bathtub
– Outdoor pool
– Kitchenette
– Two televisions
– Balcony with dining set
– Spa
– Two restaurants

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