Everything wrong with Marvel’s The Defenders

Everything wrong with Marvel’s The Defenders
After Luke Cage aired, my excitement for The Defenders was off the charts. I combed through website after website, hoping for a hint of what was to come. Then Iron-stinking-Fist aired. My excitement wavered but ultimately stood strong.
It’s just one shitty character out of four right?
How wrong I was.
The Defenders arrived to little fanfare – no doubt overshadowed by a little HBO show – but definitely still sparked a thrill in me. I powered through it in a night, but rather than feeling satisfied (the way I felt after Jessica Jones), I was left empty, disappointed and enraged.
Here’s why: (spoilers ahead, turn back now!)
  1. Sigourney Weaver’s is a terrible villain and even worse at choreographed fighting
    It was like watching a piece of wood attempt to having feelings. A good hero rests upon its villain. Ask all wrestling fans, all good heroes need a great heel to help you root for the hero. For all the bad The Hand represented, Alexandra lacked the sinister ruthlessness of Kingpin, the psychotic cruelty of The Purple Man and was just a two dimension portrayal of a rich bad guy.
  2. Every time Luke Cage fought, music from the hood played
    It felt out of place, and also pointed to a bigger problem. The show seemed an odd mish-mash of “the best of” four very different shows. The show’s direction was a mess, taking on a new identity every time it switched focus onto another one of the titular characters. Even the theme song was out of whack. Each theme song for the individual shows has worked to direct the mood of the series, but this one just seemed oddly thrown together and totally misplaced.
  3. The downright awkward sex scene between Luke and Claire
  4. Misty’s arm getting chopped off like wtf
  5. Danny Rand’s acting
  6. Danny Rand being the centre of the story
  7. Danny Rand’s damn fist
    Can someone explain to me how this works? Ya ya, I’m not a big fan of Iron Fist in the comics (but then again, isn’t he Asian in the comics?) so I’m not sure how it works. It was never clearly explained in Iron Fist and it wasn’t explained in The Defenders either. My grouse about the whole thing is the fact that he has to recharge his chi, but in the final battle scene he threw out a damn solid punch that had sent a solid platoon of nasties flying, but yet could continue to use the glowing fist after. I thought he uses up all his chi after one punch and then has to recharge? Totally confusing.
  8. Elektra’s convoluted motivation
  9. Jessica Jones often times felt like an afterthought, her snark there just for comedy effect
  10. The Hand is the worst villain EVER.
    I mean they are the atypical, two-dimensional evil characters. They are completely flat characters who have the most boring and over-used evil motivations and lines. They want immortality. OH OKAY. *YAWN* The best villain out there is still The Purple Man. Hallelujah for David Tennant!
Okay, that’s it. There are just so many other reasons but I can’t. With every reason I write, I get an additional grey hair. I have a feeling I’ll get more grey hairs when Marvel’s Inhumans comes out.
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