Iceland 8 Day Honeymoon Roadtrip [DAY 8] We swim through Silfra and go to the Blue Lagoon

Iceland 8 Day Honeymoon Roadtrip [DAY 8] We swim through Silfra and go to the Blue Lagoon


After an amazing rest in the Buubble, Abel and I were gearing up for our final day. We had two more activities before heading back to the airport. We were going to snorkel through Silfra and head to the Blue Lagoon.
Swim through Silfra

coordinates: 64.255297, -21.116805
We got in touch with, a PADI certified group that conducted both diving and snorkelling trips through Silfra.

What, however, took the longest, was putting on the damn dry suit. So you don’t have to worry, while you’re swimming in 3 deg C water, you’ll be more or less dry. I wore two layers of leggings, one undershirt and a regular t-shirt while they stuffed me like a sausage into a dry suit. Only your lips and hands get cold.

That’s just the first part of the suit. 
If you love the water, you’ll love this. It’s almost terrifying, with all the rocks at the bottom forming deep caravans into the deep unknowns. I love also that the water is so clean that you can DRINK it.
In total, you’ll take about 3 hours. The swim itself is about 1/2hour, it’s putting on and taking off the clothes that takes up time. They warm you up after with hot chocolate and biscuits.
Take a relaxing dip in the Blue Lagoon

 add: 240, Grindavik 420-8800, Iceland, tel: +354 420 8800
coordinates: 63.879294, -22.445388
We heard a lot of negative things about the Blue Lagoon. It’s too touristy, very crowded, water isn’t that great, but Abel and I had a FABULOUS time. We went at night, which I suppose could be the reason we enjoyed it more. Entered from the indoor pool to the main area, and just floated around, looking for hot spots and watching people make fools of themselves.

The milky water was warm, salty and painful if it got into your eyes, but otherwise a complete delight. The bath was huge, almost as large as a football pitch, and twisting and meandering throughout the space. At one end you had the drinks store, the other, the booth to grab some free mud for your face.
Even though there were so many people, it was nicely spaced out so you had plenty of room for yourself. 

1) You have to book in advance
2) Wear slippers out. The floor is really cold
3) NEVER dip your head in the water – as my husband found out
4) It’s really drying so put conditioner before to protect your hair (don’t wash it off!) and more after you leave.
5) No need to bring any shampoo etc, you pay shit tons of money just for entry so thankfully they have all the amenities you need – from shampoo and conditioner to a hair dryer and cotton buds.
After the lagoon, we rushed straight to the airport. It was time for us to leave. But we’re happy to say the last Icelandic sunset we enjoyed was on the way to the Blue Lagoon. Such a wonderful way to end our trip.

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