Iceland 8 Day Honeymoon Roadtrip [DAY 7] Staying in a Bubble Tent

Iceland 8 Day Honeymoon Roadtrip [DAY 7] Staying in a Bubble Tent


Today was relatively more exciting. We were heading towards a fantastic stay: the Buubble. Also known as the 5 million star hotel. But check in time was only at 12pm, so we decided to just have a look see around the area before coming to a stop at the Buubble.
Visit Thingvellir Iceland’s National Park
coordinates: 64.255862, -21.130255
Abel and I were very amused, but also full of admiration for the country. I mean in a country that IS basically a continent-sized national park, Thingviller seemed a little redundant. But it was beautiful, shades of red and yellow with pockets of moss popping out around a giant glacier lake. Most of it surrounded Silfra, that huge crack between the North American and Eurasian plates.

All the water in the glacier lake is so clean!
Visit Laugarvatn Fontana thermal baths
add: Hverabraut 1, Laugarbraut, 840 Laugarvatn, Iceland, tel: +354 486 1400
coordinates: 64.214720, -20.730172

We decided to stop for lunch at Fontana. This was a small thermal bath, powered by the nearby steam vents. It seemed like a health spa, all the employees dressed in a light blue. Next door to it is a local swimming pool, so if you’re looking for a shower (those campers) head there, it’s just 500ISK. We had lunch there, cause they provided a buffet. It was hearty, fruits, vegetables, some curries, soups and of course Plokurfiskur. 
Join the tourists at Geysir

coordinates: 64.310407, -20.302342

That… is NOT Geysir. That’s it’s smaller cousin, Strokkur. So in 2008, there was an earthquake that turn the active, and much larger, geysir into a pool of still water. But it shook Strokkur awake. So now, hordes of tourists gather around it, waiting to get the money shot. It’s a beautiful thing to witness, and a really pleasant, short hike to do in the beautifully chilly weather. See:

Stay at the Buubble

add: They only reveal the address after you’ve booked to help maintain the privacy of the tents
I found the Buubble stay by chance online. So as you can see, it’s a transparent bubble-shaped tent. Warm air is pumped into the tent, where there’s a super-soft bed inside (all ikea stuff). The toilet is located AWAY from the tent, in a little box where there’s a working kitchen, a table, coffee and tea facilities and shower facilities. Think of it as glamping. If you’re concerned about privacy, you have nothing to worry about, there are about five bubble tents in total, all spaced far away from each other and surrounded by trees. Located on a remote farm (they give you the coordinates to the place about a month before your stay) there are no lights, so no one will be able to see you change. Each tent’s equipped with a small torch and lamp, so that’s good enough for light.

As the sun fades, a soft orange glow rises, apparently, it’s the glow from the greenhouses close by. But come midnight, it fades away and you see actual stars (as long as its not a cloudy night).
No lie. It was magical, special, and we stayed from 3pm (check in time) till 12pm (check out time) the next day. It was so good to finally have a bed after sleeping on a thin mattress for so long.

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