8 Days Itinerary Roadtrip in Iceland (For The Lazy Person)

I like luxury. I like comfort, and I HATE roughing it out. So when Abel and I decided on a on-the-road camping honeymoon to Iceland I was apprehensive. Till I realised that there were many comfortable camping vans available for a trip there, and I could have all my modern luxuries without breaking a sweat. 
So this itinerary is for people who:
– hate to rough it out | like sleeping in a bed | like showers | like internet | too damn lazy to camp | not very fit | but die die want to travel in Iceland “real-world” style | want to know what to expect and what’s fun to do in Iceland

Each day is on another page, just click the links at the bottom of the post to navigate!

Bear in mind, this is going to be a long post, but I’ve labelled everything with a BIG header so scroll down if you don’t want any other essential information – peppered with gold nuggets of knowledge okay. (Key attractions is somewhere 3/4 down the post.)
When to go
We chose to go in September – cause it works best for us, timing-wise – plus I don’t really like crowds, so this was awesome. We didn’t want to do winter cause we were doing a roadtrip and winter’s better for those going on tour. You go to all the touristy spots (yawn).
What car to use and driving in general
You’ll definitely need a 4WD if you’re going off the beaten track. A lot of the roads in Iceland are gravel, which means you need a hardy car. Read my blog post (to come) on our big-ass Dodge Durango (dubbed “The Bodyguard”) we got from Kuku Campers and a FAQ on all the things you need to know about driving in Iceland.
Husband looks stunned that he’s in the photo lol
Where to stay
If you’re sleeping in your car, you’ll be sleeping in campsites. If you like showers, trust me, you’ll want a campsite. Campsites usually close 30 September, which is why I say, do a roadtrip then. Again, read more about campsites in my blog post here.
If you’re sleeping at hostels and hotels.. well.. great! There are plenty around the country. I felt it hindered our “creative” driving spirit so we went with a campervan instead.
You can’t get Icelandic Krona in Singapore. So one way to do it would be to change Euros into Icelandic Krona at the connecting airport you land at. In our case, Sweden. But I suggest changing just 200 Euros and paying for everything by card instead.
It’s cheaper to pay by Visa than to change money! Plus EVERYWHERE including street-side stores – of which there are few – accept credit card. Even farmers and campsites in the most ulu of places.
There are no direct flights from Singapore to Iceland, and if there are (which we didn’t find) they will probably be damn expensive. Start searching for flights to Copenhagen and Stockholm about 8 months in advance, follow big airlines for sales. (Important to plan early cause a) it’s cheaper b) attractions, cars, flights book up VERY quickly for Iceland) 
Abel and I stumbled upon a Qatar flight, round trip Singapore to Stockholm, with a stopover in Doha for about $900. That was just a fraction of the cost from the money-sucking SQ, so we bought it immediately. We then added a two day trip to Stockholm too! You can read about that in another post too.
All the public toilets in Iceland are fantastically clean! Especially those we found at campsites. They were reminiscent of my own home bathroom. You’ll love it. The only dirty ones were the public ones at super popular tourist places like Silfra.

First up, here’s a map of all the places we stopped or tried to stop at. Yellow and red were cities and city attractions. Green would be food. Blue, natural attractions like waterfalls. Pink, hot springs and thermal pools. Black – key stop points such as campsites, supermarkets and where we collected our car. Orange would be public pools.
The blue line marks the road we intended to take. We veered off course quite a bit! 


Iceland 8 Day Honeymoon Roadtrip [DAY 1] >>
 We took a 3hr trail to a hot spring river
Iceland 8 Day Honeymoon Roadtrip [DAY 2] >> Waterfalls, black beaches, glaciers and hot tubs
Iceland 8 Day Honeymoon Roadtrip [DAY 3 & 4] >> Northern lights and lots of driving
Iceland 8 Day Honeymoon Roadtrip [DAY 5] >> Craters, mazes, mud pools and nature baths at Myvatn
Iceland 8 Day Honeymoon Roadtrip [DAY 6] >> Stunning Akureyri, delicious food and Snorri’s Pool
Iceland 8 Day Honeymoon Roadtrip [DAY 7] >> Geysirs and a night in a transparent Bubble Tent
Iceland 8 Day Honeymoon Roadtrip [DAY 8] >> We swum through Silfra and had a dip in the Blue Lagoon

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