Review: Looksee Looksee – a chill, chic design space

Have you visited Looksee Looksee?
You’ll find it along Beach Road, next to uber cool design stores SuperMama and Scene Shang. It’s a “curated reading space” (say library lah) run by the Lo & Behold folks – you know this means good design and of course a fabulous range of products. I mean check out the beauty of the tea room!
The seating space – the mid-century modern colour scheme of muted mustards, pinks, teal and beige are quite frankly, delightful.

Apologies to the girl in the picture, it looks nice with you in it lah. Also, if I cut you out, the picture looks stupid.

I especially love the stone arches at the entrance.
The fabulous array of books comprise recipe books, design books and all sorts of informative things. Check out the rattan backing!
The space has NO wi-fi, because the group would prefer you focus on the books. But to be honest, I’m also writing this blog post here on my computer and have yet to pick up a book. The Nomad Cookbook and Drunken Botanist seem like options that I’d love to read though!
Here, you can read and sip tea at the same time. Their tea menu changes every month, and today I had Auld Lang Syne, served with a sliver of Lindt milk chocolate:
You can also buy the tea they serve, it’s all tea from A.muse Projects

You guys know them: the chic crew serving brews with really cool blends of teas. They’re dished out by the lady behind the counter. The teas are… FREE! yes, free! But they work on a tip basis, so tip generously, cause the teas, served with a little chocolate, are real quality. 

Today I’m served by the lovely Allison.
Just like the store and the tea, she’s equally chic – all dressed in an all-black asymmetrical ensemble, she shares more about the concept of the store, talks about the teas, brews them for you, gets up the minute the doors open to serve incoming customers and chats with you.
In my chat with her, I discover that she’s no ordinary tea girl, she’s also a stylist! You can check her out at IMEHLY.


Nice huh? This is just one of the inspiring flatlays she does. Ask her more about her styling when you pop by Looksee Looksee! 
It’s a perfect place to be spend an afternoon. Customers and staff alike love good design, appreciate the peace and tranquility of a well-designed room and are just totally chill. 
Don’t be afraid to drop by when you walk by!
Looksee Looksee
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