Mrs Yap

Well, today is special! Abel and I did something that I never thought I’d do so early in life..

We registered!
Tomorrow, 14 Feb 2015, Pastor Aries will be marrying Abel and I under the eyes of God. But today, we got married under the eyes of the law! And like all things government, it was very clinical.
Literally. I mean look at the waiting room:
Even our facilitator, tucked away in a little cubicle behind the glass door said, “actually it’s a polyclinic!” Hahahaha! She was lovely, Serene (or was it Serena?) Goh. Abel mentioned they should string baubles and streamers across the ceiling and she affably pointed to the solemnisation room and said the decorations were all in there.
The process was simple, we sat in her cubicle, checked through several signatures, and made a declaration, not of our love, but of the fact that we were not illegal immigrants, underage and secretly married. It was very romantic. We also had to raise our right hand and swear fealty to the Singapore government:
Hahaha! Nah, we just read off words to declare that we will comply to the laws of marriage. Romance.
But yes, I’m officially MARRIED TO ABEL YAP!
Pardon the make-up-less face. I was very tired. 
Anyways, we’re off on our way to lunch at Al Forno (I decided to give my lao gong a pre-Valentine’s Day celebration!) and drove off from ROM to the sounds of Natalie Cole’s This Will Be (An Everlasting Love). 
Also, our first conversation as a married couple was to talk about our bowel movements the night before. Romance

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