Paint By Numbers kit! I’m now a true artist.

Most days I spend on the computer. Either watching videos or reading inane news on Facebook. It’s kind of sad don’t you think? Don’t pretend, you can’t live without the internet either.

What do you think we would be doing if the internet didn’t exist? Definitely not going out to play in our humid weather.

So I decided to go on a short internet fast and instead:

do an activity that won’t require the use of the internet!

Impossible? I thought so too. But then it dropped into my lap! Paintastic Art Craft It’s a local company that imports paint-by-number sets from China and they have some super cool art pieces like:

Nice huh! You’d never guess these pieces were paint-by-number sets! It was perfect for me cause I’m artistically deficient. My siblings ended up with great art skills and I can barely draw a circle.
The lovely folks at Paintastic let me choose a painting of my choice, “don’t pick one too hard! You’ll end up taking over 40 hours painting it.” warned the owner Ubert. I smiled and nodded and got the medium sized picture of Santorini because I like to go against the system.
The sets are pretty cheap too and can be ordered online. This 40x40cm one I got cost $28.90. Seemed reasonable to me! The price included delivery, all the paints – which are non-toxic by the way! Perfect for kids. – paintbrushes and hooks to hang up the painting when you’re done.
The massive box came the other day and I immediately tipped out all the exciting bits and pieces! Doesn’t it look great?! (Ignore the bunny sheets – it’s my sister’s bed.)
There’s also a guide to help you just in case and English and Mandarin instructions! 

Paint containers, paint brushes, hooks, number tags, individual paint tubes!

See all the many numbers! The grey spots were coloured a deep murky green. Doesn’t look like much now to be honest.
They came in little tubes. You should work quickly with this stuff or keep them in the sealable containers that are provided so that you can use them over and over again.

The basic instructions were to start out with the biggest areas, so I started with 01:

It was white. I kept it in the little tub! I love how all the individual paints come with their own pots for paint to keep them from drying out once you open them.
Which obviously wasn’t a good starting point.

 The one thing the box doesn’t tell you is how thick you should slop the paint on, they also don’t tell you how one tube is really more than enough to lay it on thick to cover up the little lines and numbers. That’s why my first attempt came up to clear. I bottled the rest of the white away and started on other colours.
I’m such an artist.
Painty painty little blobs.
See! You can see the 12 right? And I thought I slobbed the paint on enough. Also, notice my precise brushstrokes on my canvas. I’m a genius. 
Now the 12 is gone!
All in the details baby!
It looks very sparse, but I believed my great prowess will lead to great things. *brushes shoulders* 

The only trouble I had were finding the numbers and getting the paint thick enough to cover up the numbers, especially for lighter colours.

I figured I need more paint.
It was pretty refreshing actually. Doing something other than typing and churning out articles! It was therapeutic, like colouring. Besides, when you’re done, it makes such a great present for someone! Hint hint to all you anniversary/birthday/christmas gift givers!
Here’s my progress! I’m pretty proud of it I must say:

Long story short, here’s the completed piece!

I definitely need to touch it up, which I will, but I’m pretty proud of my virgin effort! It’s really a matter of staying within the lines hahaha. You should apply varnish or gloss if you want to protect the surface! Easily found online or at Art Friend.

One thing I have to say is that the capsules to keep the paint in are pretty tough to open. My advice, don’t use your teeth. I had number 21-stained teeth for a whole evening. 🙁

So if you want to keep the kids entertained or you want a romantic painting without having to travel to an art studio. Get this. Pretty enough to hang in your home and to give to others!

They even have:

They have cluster paintings of up to 4 pieces!

Thanks! Paintastic Art Craft

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