Hair Experiments

You may now call me Princess Unicorn Cotton Candy Rainbow Dragon. (Official hashtag: #princessunicorncottoncandyrainbowdragon)

I finally dyed my hair a few colours of the rainbow. It was after a few botched attempts throughout the years:
That was back in 2012 where Stacy and I  camped out in her dorm room with aluminum foil and rubber gloves.
So I decided not to be cheap and went to an actual Salon to do up my hair after googling: “ombré hair dye Singapore salons”. 
Salon Vim came up cause it’s apparently a favourite haunt of bloggers. (Read: sponsored) I was really skeptical and wanted to go to my original salon, InVogue, which is amazing for rebonding. They always give me soft waves rather than flat-ironing my hair and I can watch movies in the pretty, mint-green salon. 
But I was really itching to get my hair done and this review convinced me: Beauty Undercover.

Salon Vim, one of only 5 Loreal Professionel Flagship salons in Singapore, scored high marks for impeccable service, use of quality hair products, satisfactory perming, colouring, rebonding results and spacious stylishly designed salon @ 313 Somerset.” 

So I called them up an arranged for an appointment on Sunday at 12pm. I was late. But it was okay.

IPad in left hand and iPhone in my right, I sat down and prepared to get pampered. The lovely English-speaking (very important! My Mandarin is so bad.) assistants sat me down and offered me milo, green tea, water, coffee, plonked magazines down and asked me if I wanted a stylist or a senior stylist.

Let me interrupt the retelling of my experience to explain how important this is to me. You see, everytime I go to a “posh” salon – that is, one that is not under a HDB flat – I always end up paying more because they pass me to a senior stylist. Which is good and all that, but I’m quite poor and I’m sure plenty of the stylists, junior or not, are great at their job! That’s why I really appreciated getting asked this question. Save me money. Ho Ho ho. 

I smiled gratefully, asked for a stylist and they gave me green tea with crackers. *sighs with contentment* 

Eddy Lim, my stylist came over and helped me out with what I wanted. I initially wanted Irene Kim inspired hair: 

The Korean-born Seattle model is amazing by the way. Her Instagram: @ireneisgood

But Eddy pointed out that her hair had a clear, distinct break between her brown and her bleached and rainbow-ed hair. “It won’t look good.” He said in Mandarin. Yes boss! 

He suggest a more natural look with more highlights. Something not too nuts. He also said that if I went all Irene Kim I’d have to bleach my hair three times. THREE TIMES! No problem. Let’s go with just one round of bleach. My pocket cannot take the stress. Hahahha.

Then he whipped out the Manic Panic palette. Wah. I really like Manic Panic, because it’s vegan and it’s a conditioning agent which means my hair would be treated with tender loving care. But on the other hand.. Manic Panic is a temporary dye! You can buy it super cheap in Australia (go to Price Attack) or at this store

But I figured it works like eyebrow plucking. Go once, get it perfect then maintain it on your own. So if my colour fades, I’ll touch it up on my own or go back to Eddy for more colours! 

Eddy showed me a couple of inspiring photos (he even googled for me. So nice!) We settled for turquoise, purple, blue and red. We couldn’t do light colours cause it would have required me to bleach more. So the process started.

Head felt super heavy, also was late for DramaFest. That made my heart heavy. 🙁 

Eddy bundled the top of my hair cause he wasn’t going to dye that part of my hair. He wanted to keep the look more natural. 

Taadaa. Eddy and my soon to be amazing hair. You’ll never see me with yellow hair ever again by the way.

My boyfriend also came by to give me some awesome noms before rushing off to meet his friend. Everyone, Har Cheong Kai burger from Everything With Fries is DA BOMB. 

Then four hours into the hair job, “we do big curls okay?” 


End result: 

Damn nice the colours!

See it looks way too awesome. Very natural! 

Next time, I tackle pastels. 

Today I am Princess Unicorn Cotton Candy Rainbow Dragon. (PUCCRD for short.) 

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