Posing like a blogger and a quick follow up on my “fat” post

Hi Yung Shin, this picture is for you:

Hahaa no lah. Just kidding. 
Yung Shin asked me to post a second picture of the Tom Ford lipstick I posted on Instagram. But this time she wanted to actually see what the lipstick looked like on my lips.  
So being the champion that I know am, I attempted to be a “professional blogger” and attempted a selfie-pose thingy that other ladies seem to know a thing or two about. 
I gave up finding a nice angle without looking stupid in public so just went full-out moron. It worked well.
But how do you pose though? Is there like a guide? Can someone give me a guide on how to pose? How do beauty bloggers do it? I only know the one where you hold up a beauty item to the camera and you put your hand behind it so that the background doesn’t distract from the product. 
But that doesn’t have my beautiful face lah. Let’s tread lightly with the word beautiful here. Hahaha

But either way, I worked hard at it while my colleagues devoured their meals at Strictly Pancakes and finally came up with this:

and this:

So which appeals to you better? 
Maybe neither. *sigh* I’m the anti-blogger. Can’t blog properly. Imagine me trying to pose for an OOTD. I’m to shy to ask my boyfriend for help either HAHAHA.
And FYI the lipstick in question:

This gorgeous, soft, nude shade called “Indian Rose” from Tom Ford was a present from my mum who just flew back from Italy. *wipes away a tear* 妈妈最棒! Yeah that’s right! I know my Mandarin okay!

Anyways just wanted to touch on something else the “Here’s the truth about being fat in Singapore” post:
I’ve gotten a mix of reactions to the post, some negative, some creepy facebook people and mostly really great, positive comments. Thank you for them. Good, bad and ugly, I appreciate them all because at the end of the day it means the post actually GOT to you. To me, that’s all that counts, cause I just want to highlight the issue. For those of you with not-so-skinny friends, I guarantee they feel the same way or have felt the same way some time in their lives.
Of course, as some people have emailed me, it’s not just fat people, but plenty of people who look different from the cookie-cutter ideal who feel the same way. For those of you who are “meh. y’all should just run before you get heart disease and pass on.” Well I’m glad you never had to feel this way and you feel great about yourself 24/7, but as I mentioned, this post is a reminder that despite the bad time that once happened, you should just let them go and feel good about yourself now!
So, also to the girl who emailed me and said that we should share stories on us being bullied. *takes deep breath* Dahhrrling. No. No. NO. The whole point is to let the bloody thing go and move the hell on. Why would I want to continue talking about things that ONCE happened and have never happened since? I’m good friends with some of the people who did that to me. In fact, my own BOYFRIEND called me fat to my face before we actually got together, but now we’re getting married. Yep. WHUT. CAUSE I LET GO. 
Anyways, boys and girls, let’s all try our best to feel our best and work to whatever we want to achieve. If it’s a banging hot bod y’all better get started on it then! 
Meanwhile, I’m just gonna continue working on my poses and try to be a little less bitchy and a little more peace loving.
Thanks for reading my blog guys, really touches my heart, and thanks The Real Singapore for giving me a shoutout. 
Keep reading for more of my shitz.
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