Punggol: Hai Bin

Like most young couples in Singapore, Mr Skeptical and I have been regaled to the far reaches of our island. The North-East corner to be exact.
Not a small problem for Mr Skeptical as he has spent the last 10 years here. But for me, who has lived in Tampines and Bedok for most of her life, coming to this dead-end land was a shock to my system. Where was Bedok 85? Late night prata stalls and crowded malls? There was literally nothing here except construction, dusty roads and a bunch of child cares under void decks. Definitely not my kinda place. 
But it sure is pretty:
Then more young couples started coming in and @Punggol opened up. (So did the huge police station) the quiet corner of Punggol Plaza now had a police station, a temple, plant nursery and a golf course. The reservoir had a nice bicycle track and suddenly Punggol is crowded.
Today, I decided to educate another young couple of the new wonders of the North-East. 
My best friend Iman and his gf Clara!
I broke their prawning-virginity. 

Hai Bin is bloody awesome, it has four huge artificial ponds. One for Patin Fish, two for prawning and one for show. Plus the music is damn haps. Not like techno but like damn good lah. Anyways, we discovered that the secret behind catching like a truckload of prawns is a very simple, easy trait:

Be an Ah Lian 

No, seriously. All the Ah Lians use their ah Lian power to draw in the prawns. Then their Ah Beng, like the head Lion of the pride, will sit there munching on the catch the Ah Lians have brought to him.
So ANYWAY. Using my Ah Lian power, I lured 6 bloody prawns for our dinner in an hour! PHWOR. Wah. The mad power rush. 
The pincers are so big, when you step on it to pull it out it cracks so loudly.
Anyways after lepak-ing while prawning Clara and I decided we wanted to catch a fish. Because fishing is tons more fun. Patin, a type of catfish is SO huge, and there was no one fishing, we could have the whole pond to ourselves.
We got a rod, $5 each, and started. The thing about this fishing thing is that the line has a tendency to snap cause the fish is so strong, so everytime you snap one then you get another for another $5. Hai Bin has this sale, buy 10 get one free. 

Not worth it lah! I mean I buy 10 rods, $50 to catch one fish?! Go NTUC and buy better. 
Seriously! Look at that massive fish! Abel had to fight it. He plunged his hands into the murky fish-shit water and pulled it out the way macho-men fished back in the days of the Neanderthals. Very primitive. I like. Hahahaha.
Anyways, we ended up with two fat fish. 
Must bag with ice. If we don’t it’ll stink to high heaven.
Poor Iman. He tried his hardest but…
Hahaha! Look at his face! It’s all “wtf.” Everytime someone else caught something he’ll get all riled up and Clara would have to comfort him. Hilarious.
By the way. Even Clara hooked one. Hahahhaa. Sorry Iman.
one more time with feeling. *pouts*
Anyways, after we decided to cook the prawns, which we did with the skills of son-of-a-chef Iman and the power of Clara’s condiments:
Step one: Wash.
Step two: poke stick in.
Step three: Season with salt and pepper. (Salt, skewers and trays are provided by Hai Bin)
Step four: BBQ!!!
Step five: EAT! With Garlic chili on the side.
Though freshwater prawns aren’t the sweetest, it’s pretty darned amazing to munch on the fruits of your labour. No matter how few.
I look like a toot in all the pictures. @cforpandaclarara

Check out Hai Bin
6 Tebing Lane, 
S 828835

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