How to get cheap flights

I’m at the age where wanderlust has taken hold of me and I desperately want to travel to as many countries as possible. But I’m soooo brokkkeeee…

Unlike my dad who has tens of thousands of SQ miles that he won’t share, *sad face* I have a tight budget when it comes to traveling. But… I have discovered the secret to purchasing tickets at the right prices… Okay, it’s not really a secret. It’s easily available online.

According to a post on CheapAir, you should purchase tickets 54 days BEFORE your flight. But then they go on and contradict themselves in another article and say that “there are some exception circumstances where you might want to forget about the “don’t book too early” warning and book your flight much earlier than 54 days in advance.”

Ah then screw it. Here’s how to look for cheap flights the old-fashioned, hard-working way.

To remind you why flying is so much fun.

There are a few basic rules though:
Rule 1: There is definitely a cut off on how low prices can go, so don’t believe promotional prices that promise you $0.02 flights back to Singapore or wherever. (I’m looking at you FlyScoot. I feel totally cheated after spent three hours refreshing your booking page just to realise that the complete price of a round trip roughly floated around the same range as other budget carriers.) Some way or another… The house will always win….

Rule 2: Understanding that will bring you to rule 2, where you should begin to look at the average prices of flights to various countries. For example, Perth. You can’t expect to get flights worth $100 for a round trip to Perth. The price varies between $350-$550 (for flights with luggage and taxes) so get anything cheaper and start to worry for your safety! And getting anything more expensive means you better not be on a budget flight.

Rule 3: Always browse through a few sites! Just cause one is cheap doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find something else cheaper.

Where to go to look for flights

There are a ton of great apps and sites that help you look for flights, they compare all the prices and that means you won’t have to check through many sites meticulously.

Personally I found that Skyscanner –
Has the cheapest rates. It also runs through OTHER flight price compare sites for you. Also has an iPhone/ Android app.

Fare compare isn’t bad too:
Its only downside is that it opens up 6 over pop up windows into different flight fare comparing sites. Very troublesome.
Promotional days for budget airlines
But if cheap flights aren’t enough, check below for weekly specials.
Tiger Airways: Thursday – Cause Thursday is Tiger Flash Time. ROFL. You have 24 hours before the deals are gone.
Jetstar: Fridays – Friday Fare Frenzy. Lasts from 11am to 6pm only!
FlyScoot:  Tuesday – Morning Glory Tuesday. 7am to 9am only.
By the way, it really pays to follow airline carriers on Facebook and sign up for their newsletters! You’ll get clued in on all the right discounts you need.
For example, did you know Tiger Airways is having a 1-for-1 special for OCBC card holders? Yeah, cause you didn’t get the newsletter! 
Sites to follow to check for promotional pricingI did say you’d have to work hard for a low price didn’t I?

Facebook is a great source of promotional discounts. Take the SGAG Army and Fly Scoot’s promotional deal here. If you followed the saga… Good on you! I hope you were one of the 10K! I was. Heehee. But if you didn’t, check out the saga here
The sale is over, but I’m sure there will be more to come. I must say, Fly Scoot has a really good social marketing team.
The low prices sound great, what is the catch?
1) the bloody airport taxes
2) discount on a flight doesn’t necessarily mean discounts on the return trip.
3) it is usually the luggage-free prices that are so super-de-duper low. Anything else is regularly priced.
4) Remember the only reason why certain flights are cheap or discounted, is cause no one wants to buy up them tickets.

Anyways. This about how much i can help you when looking for tickets. Now I’m off to Krabi on my OCBC 1-for-1 deal with my best friend soon.


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