Frivolity: Chanel makeover

Here’s something new about me, I’ve never purchased a single branded item for myself in all my twenty-something years.

Something which I (sort of) rectified on Friday. I wanted to treat myself to something pretty and I popped by the Chanel makeup station at Takashimaya to get me some Chanel goodies. 

It all started when one of my best girls Jia Lin received and invite for a free makeup session from Chanel for her and a friend. I went along.

I was totally unprepared. Super dressed down and Jia Lin’s first sentence to me was, “you went home to change?” Erm. No. “Oh! You can dress this way to work?” Yes… I was ashamed. So pai seh, heading to Orchard dressed like a slob.

Anyways, we were both given personal classes, the first half on how to moisturise, whiten and clean makeup off your face:

In total, this range is $600!!! Wah Lao. Want to take care of your face also so expensive.

Jia Lin getting ready to look beautiful.

Me with a giant ZIT on my forehead. Daily make-up on.

My face without make up. *sigh.*
I was very impressed by the Chanel team they were all such sweethearts. Props to Ng Wai Wai our awesome makeup artist. She was patient, explained things well and was so cheerful. Also, the girl who helped me with removing my makeup was great too, but I didn’t have the chance to ask for her name.

Jia Lin went first. She opted for a natural look and sweet pink blush. 

I went to do my nails first. Free express mani by the Chanel team!

I picked Tutti-Frutti for the little stubs I call fingernails. It’s part of the new collection by Chanel:

See any you like?
To be honest, I don’t see much of a difference between the new collection and the old. Shades of pink all around.

The two on the left are the palettes they were promoting. No. 1 and No. 2. These were the palettes we bought.

Jia Lin used number 1 for the sweet, natural look, I went for the contoured, natural look with number 2.

Wanna see the before and after?

Before, with no makeup.

After! Are you impressed? Hee. I was. I opted for contouring and a bronzer look cause I don’t suit pinks.

Together with our lovely makeup artist, Wai Wai! She was a sweetheart. 

Our two pretty faces!

They should hire her heehee..

Anyways, how could I resist the new palette that helped me transform my face? So I purchased the lovely palette made of three shades. A highlighter, powder to set your face and the magical bronzing colour. It’s the Les Beiges collection.

I love the lovely beige colour!

The inside is so simple, the crescent brush for application along your cheekbones and places that need shadows. 

The three beautiful shades that now contour my face in the morning.
So next day, I decided to give it a whirl, cause I was heading to church and I wanted to look pretty. 

Popped on my carousel pony maxi dress:

Got my face ready!

So ended my first time buying a branded item! Definitely worthy the money spent. It smells good, feels good and looks good. Came with a  bag full of samples too anyway! 

Pardon the frivolity of this post! Sometimes, I like to be girly and put stuff on my face to make me look good!

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