Dinner at Museo

In the far reaches of Singapore, far from the prying and kaypo eyes of the average Singaporean lies Quayside Isle. The Darling Harbour wannabe row of shops mostly suited for ang mors and ang mor wannabes is chock-full of fusion Chinese, French and kid-friendly oyster bars. It was quite a breath of fresh air when Mr Practical and I popped by for our Valentine’s Day weekend.

With nary a Singaporean around – mostly white people – I took the opportunity to cam-whore a bit.

Dress and bag from Sabo Skirt, cape from Forever 21, shoes $4 from BKK!
Yar lah. My face damn round. *sigh*
We took a gander round the shops and I said, “eh! Sant Pierre! Let’s go!” I didn’t know he had already picked a place for dinner. So he was all grumpy… Said he didn’t like French food… Not worth his time.. Excuses and excuses so I said “finnneee” and we were off to his selected location. Which I didn’t regret AT ALL. Good choice Mr Skeptical!

 Museo was a blast. It’s entrance was this tall space with a huge millstone at its entrance, to get to the restaurant itself, you’d have to get to the second floor. I sneaked a peek at the menu and it looked so damn good!

Museo’s concept (fusion) was for you to pick out several dishes, and it would be served, tasting portion sized, to you in sets of four or eight. We had a hard time picking our favourite eight cause they all looked so good. Mr Skeptical was also worried that the portions wouldn’t be enough for him.
We loved the decor of the place cause instead of dining tables and chairs, it was Japanese style seating! Cushioned beds with a low table for you to sit at. We played footsie the whole night. HAHAHA. No lah. The food was too good for us to get distracted.

Hands down, an amazing sunset view of the boat harbour.
For our first set of four we ordered the pork belly, wasabi prawns, soft shell crab and mozerella balls. Each dish was absolutely mouthwatering. The cheeseballs burst in our mouths, and warm gooey cheese came off with each bite. The pork belly was tender and went well with the sauce provided, a tangy, slightly spicy condiment. The soft shell crab was a disappointment. It was crunchy but oily.

 Drool! Now!
Scallops on a bed of rice. Tender and delicious!

Our favourite dish of the night, pan-seared foie gras on a poached egg resting atop a poached pear.

Men like meat. Mr Skeptical adored this steak dish.
But really the highlight of the night wasn’t just the food. It was the after activities.
Museo was not just a restaurant and bar, it had large closet full of art supplies and a platform with canvases for customers to use at an additional $20! Personally right, I feel $20 is damn cheap. Totally worth it. Cause we ended up with this:
OMG SO NICE RIGHT. I tell you. I was Picasso for a night.
Mr Skeptical was… urm.. skeptical, that our painting would end up looking good, cause it started out looking like a mess:
Can you tell who was in charge of which side?
Either way, the food was mad delicious, the art corner was so much fun and the company, perfect. What an awesome night. 
Head down to Museo 

Sun to Thu: 11:30am to 10:00pm
Fri & Sat: 11:30am to 1:00am
(Eve of PH till 1:00am)

Quayside Isle (Next to W Hotel)
31 Ocean Way, #01-22 (Access available via Level 1 & 2 )
Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098375
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